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Nasty Boy

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Interprete : NOTORIOUS BIG

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap
Auteur : c ma préféré
Compositeur : jlador
Année : 1999

Texte :

Uhh I go on and on and on and
we'll take um to the crib and let your bone in
Easy call em on the phone and
platinum Chanel cologne and
I stay dressed to impress
Spark these bitches interest
Sex is all I expect
if they watch TV in the Lex they know
They know quarter past fo'
Left the club tipsy say no mo'
except how I'm gettin home tomorrow
Caesar drop you off when he see his P.O. uhh
Back of my mind I hope she swallow (uh-huh)
Man, she spilled a drink on my cream Wallows
Reach the gate, hungry just ate
Riffin, she got to be to work by eight
This must mean she ain't tryin to wait
Conversate, sex on the first date I state
"You know what you do to me"
She starts, "Well but I don't usually"
then I, whipped it out, rubber no doubt
Step out, show me what you all about
Fingers in your mouth, open up your blouse
Pull your G-string down South, aoowww
Threw that back out, in the parking lot
By a Cherokee and a green drop-top
And I don't stop, until I squirt
Jeans skirt butt-naked it all work
I remember we, went to Tennessee
Then we came home, mad messages was on my phone
Bitch named Symone
Screamin, she feenin, for the semen
Me bein, the man that I am
Took her to her condo, pronto
Half indian, I called her Tonto
Rolled a crom-crom in the dark, pronto
Few puffs, eyes got low
and off to the bedroom we go *mmmmmm*
Sex is drama, head to trauma
Rip pajamas I'ma stay to tomorrow
Satisfyin all my needs twice
With some whipped cream, handcuffs and ice
The bitch is nice, word is born
Can't wait to put my niggaz on, what, what?
Ladies, my Mercedes
Hold fo' in the back, two if it's fat
Keep a gat, for cats that try to test me
They just fans like DeNiro, Wesley
Let's see, the bitch I'm waitin on
Gaudy years jeans look like they painted on
Ask thee, leave it up to me
Lay her on back ever so gently
She like the way the dope fold up, Rolls roll up
Cristal just throw up, bitch grow up
Hold up, there's DeGenero
Dripped out, iceberg Capero
Intro goes without speaking
Call me Caese cause I keep em, we can go freakin
all weekend, so, roll in
Ain't it good that my Lex seats foldin? Uhh

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