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Would You Die For Me (feat Lil' Kim, Puff Daddy)

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Interprete : NOTORIOUS BIG

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap

Texte :

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Venue after venue, I've been through
Coming to the telly, so I can bend you
Send you to the store, condoms and more
Jealous females, call you sluts and whores
Could it be my hardcore metaphor
Make sweat pour on the bedroom floor
Open up the Lex door
Jump on in, I'm kind of tired
I'm a roll blunts while you spin
You got your license, right? Alright, no swerving
Hair blonde out, Madonna style like a virgin
Splurging, Dom P., Ro-se
Much foreplay, that's my forte
Niggas see the ring, baguettes to death
She looking for a man, honey he just left
Violate me, he get beat to death
Goodfellas squeeze every shell they got left
Grand Marnier increase the don strength
Two four-fifths within my arms length
With a calm breath I say we gots to float
Throw Little Cease the keys to the boat
Tongue all down her throat, you know the routine
Got my dick large like Bruce Springsteen
And you mean too, eyes greenish blue
Got the Coogi sweater with the bubble Fubu
Beautiful, that's how the night goes
Get out them tight clothes
Get in some night clothes
I invite those girls that smoke lye
Keep it real with you
You keep it real with I
We be tight like frog's ass
Have you screaming "Biggie, Biggie give me one more chance"

[Puff Daddy]
Would you ride with me? (Yeah)
Would you lie for me? (That's right)
Would you get high with me? (For sure)
Would you die for me? (No doubt)

[Lil' Kim]
These hoes don't treat you like I treat you
Like my contacts, I can see right through
Don't they know me and you is stuck like glue?
Queen Bitch means number one and two
Wifey, ya'll ain't got to like me
Go head and act dumb, you'll just catch a hot one
Y'all know where I'm from
Bucktown, lay your ass down
You don't wanna play around (with me)
Probably just mad because Frank chose me
A fly cu-tie, you just a grou-pie
Girls call my telephone just to hang up
While me and you is in the crib, laying up
Oh he ain't tell you that we live together
And that we gonna have a kid together
Whatever, me intimidated, never
Anything you give to him, he give it right to Kim
Anyway, I fuck better than you
Give head better than you, pussy get wetter than you
If I fuck another nigga, don't mean nothing
B.I.G. is in my heart from the start
Whether broke or rich, I'm a stay his bitch
Chicks who used to be around, where they at now?
(See I don't care bout them other broads)
B.I.G. kept it real with me, and that's that

[Chorus fade out]

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