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Interprete : NSYNC

Langue : Anglais
Année : 2002

Texte :

It's a month we are no more together
but nevertheless it seem to be years
i love to be in your arms
like the first day
i don't know if i could to tire me of you
I offered you a foto of me
in order you think of me
even if i know you love another boy

would you be my girlfriend?
Uh would you be my girlfriend?
would you be my,(would you be my girlfriend?)
would you be my,(would you be my girlfreind?)

Check it
he don't want you like i want you believe me boo i told ya
he don't appreciate you ma, i can tell by the way he hold ya
he don't love you like i can love you
or squeeze you like i squeeze
i'll make your neck pop back and in fact i'll buckle your knees(hey)
please okay, baby what's it gonna be for you to be my lady(tell me right now)
i hear your friends say you should
your parents say you was good
your lil' sister keep yellin',"nelly, i wish you would"
but you're hesitatin', debatin' whether or not it's real
i ain't shootin game, boo,i'm just tellin how i feel
i'm diggin everything about you
your hips and the way the sway
i hate to see you leave boo,but let us see ya all the way
i'll be your personal shrink,boo,i care what you think
i bought the brentley in pink'cuz my dough nsync
so tell me man(bye bye) and tell 'em your long(gone)
ain't no needin' waitin' up,you done found you another(home) (woo)

i don't know what you care(why you thinkin' bout him mamma?)
he doesn't even know you're there
cause he don't love your smile(no)
girl you know that ain't fair(c'mon)

In the middle of the night
is he gonna be by your side?
or will he run and hide?
you don't know cause things ain't clear
and baby when you cry
is he gonna be by your side?
does the man even know you're alive?
i got an idea

why don't you be my girlfriend
i'll treat you good(i'll treat you good girl)
i know you hear your friends when they say you should
cause if you were my girlfriend
i'd be your shining star
the one to show you where you are
girl you should be my girlfriend

does he know what you feel(does he know what you feel?)
are you sure that it's real year(are you sure?)
does he ease you mind(nah)
or does he break your stride?
did you know that love could be a shield year
in the middle of the night(hooo)
is he gonna be by your side?(no no)
or will he run and hide?
you don't know cause thing ain't clear
and baby when you cry(ooooh)
is he gonna be by your side?(no no)
does the man even know your alive?
i got an idea(listen girl)girl you should be my girlfriend

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