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Interprete : OMARION

Langue : Anglais
Année : 2004

Texte :

omarion solo ya'll aint ready it's time tick tock tick tock let's go

1 and here comes the 2 to the 3 and 4
girl your bodys sick you the hottest thing on the floor
you bustin through them apple bottom jeans and i cant stop gettin at you cause i'm a fiend
lookin at my wrist staring at my pinky ring dancing real close in my ear saying kinky things
tattoo on the small of your back and your booty so fat mommy shake that

Refrain :
Damn shorty got a hold of me shorty tryin to take control of me got me saying
damn shorty wanna roll with me shorty wanna be involved with me
baby i'm like like damn

now we sneaking out the back door of the club
girl i know you tipsy
mommy rollin with me swiftly, simply
cause she feel in love when she kissed me
just one touch and shorty was history
and i aint tryin to brag or boast but your body got me
and i need some good lovin from my somebody
and the way you was movin i could see you know
whatcha doin girl lets get to it girl


i pulled up in the back chromed out shorty i sip some henny if you pour i'm trying to get drunk leave with a few broads rockin baby blue bras still spend old money doing new tours tap that leave that that's how i do whore's iced out dog chain (dont know the next 2 lines lol) mommy happy young rome who she brung home tryin to sprinkle me twist up smoke till her lungs gone smellin like melon and kewi talkin freaky everytime she see me her and her friend kiki mini, roybn, raquelle, and auro daddy about sent you can smell it in my in my oil young rome omarion young dons of the business the game unleshed the mence let's get this paper man

OMARI : man ya'll aint ready omarion yeah wooo let's go (damn damn) oh yeah they gonna like this one right


OMARI : damn (omari laughs) this is only the beginning i'll be back

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