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Tramp (with Carla Thomas)

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Interprete : OTIS REDDING

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB

Texte :

Carla: Tramp.
Otis: What you call me ?
Carla: Tramp.
Otis: Oh you did ?
Carla: You don't wear continental clothes or stetson hats.
Otis: But I tell you one doggone thing.
It makes me feel good to know one thing.
I know I am a lover.
Carla: A matter of opinion, baby.
Otis: That's all right. Mama was.
Carla: So ?
Otis: Papa, too. And I know little child. Love is all I know to do.
Carla: You know what Otis ?
Otis: What ?
Carla: You're country.
Otis: That's all right.
Carla: You're straight from the Georgia woods.
Otis: That's good.
Carla: You know what ? You wear overalls and big old Brogan shoes,
and you need a haircut, shrimp.
Otis: Haircut ? Woman, you're goofy. Ooh I'm a lover.
Carla: Yeah I know.
Otis: Mama was, grandmama, Papa, too.
Carla: That don't make you one.
Otis: Oh that's all right. But I'm their only son of a gun yeah, I'm gonna get some.
Otis: Tramp.
Carla: That's right, that's what you are.
Otis: What's that ?
Carla: You're a rat and a tramp. You know what, Otis.
I don't care what you say, you're still a tramp.
Otis: What ?
Carla: That's right. You haven't even got a fat bank roll in your pocket,
you probably haven't even got twenty five cents.
Otis: I got six Cadillacs, five Lincolns, four Fords, six Mercurys,
three T-birds, Mustang - ooh I'm a lover.
Carla: Can't prove it by me.
Otis: My mama was. My papa, too. I'm gonna tell you one thing.
Carla: What's that.
Otis: I'm their only son-of-a-gun, yeah, I'm gonna get some.
Carla: You're a tramp, Otis.
Otis: I'm not.
Woman: I don't care what you say you're still a tramp.
Otis: Don't call me that.
Carla: Looky here. You ain't got no money.
Otis: I've got everything.
Carla: You can't buy me all them minks and sables and all that stuff I want.
Otis: I can buy you snakes, rats, frigs, squirrels, rabbits, anything you want, woman.
Carla: Look, you can go out in the Georgia woods and catch them, baby.
Otis: Oh but you're goofy.
Carla: You're still a tramp, Otis, just a tramp.
You wear overails, you need a haircut, baby. Cut off some of that hair ...

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