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Along The Way

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Interprete : PATRICE

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Reggae

Texte :

(feat Gentleman)

[Chorus] x2
along the way
be aware of what you doing and the things you say
give a little thing beforeit fade away
right now today
express yourself and stop hiding aways

so much things come to penetrate
could have a nightmare even when awake
contemplate as we anticipate
hope and charity will always keep your faith up to date
and when your back is up against the wall
doubts and critics shouldn't matter at all
and the pressure will make you weary
got to find yourself and follow jah theory

[Chorus] x2

suzy there with a man but the man nuh there with me
she flex like hot gal wearing clothes what not fit her
she love fi sussu love the gossip love fi talk
she lost her spark round her everywere run dark
now she's all alone wearin an ocean full a shark
i know a boy name shawn who fa parents love him off
buck up the wrong set of people now him sit down behind bars
who fi tell fi act tough now he's all alone


to get along with people sometimes
me have to wonder
why me can't
ina circus of needs and wants
some lose gravity always ina trance
come make we break the ceiling now
get up and go stand this ya chance
come together we're shining
above the dark cloud like a silver lining
what's right for you so self defining
open up your senses and you will find the right timing

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