samedi 14 mars 2020


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Appreci Luv

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Interprete : PATRICE

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Reggae

Texte :

Got yourself a deal on a pretty little wife
She's got huge appeal cheap and half the price got yourself a snip and her quality's real nice
A proper little bargain and she's put together nice
She's got self esteem and she knows her wrong from right
Keeps it squeeky clean and she knows how to fight
She's you proper queen and she runs her quenndom tight
If you could put her in the freezer you should keep her ass on ice


Stop recognize what you've got
Appreci-luv her from her hills to her valleys
Give it up and don't you always want what you have not
If you just stop appreciate recognize her love

When things are good she'll be right by you side
And when things are bad she will be you spine
Wether funds are low or wether they are high
She will hold you down and always do you right
When you day is hard she's checking for wether you slip or you slide
She pick you up from the floor and make sure that you' be fine


Yes she can be moody but that alroght
We're walking through the hills and vailleys side by side
We lead each other's way though the darkest night
If there's a price we gotta pay it couldn't be too high


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