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Be Your Man

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Interprete : PATRICE

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Reggae

Texte :

[Chorus] :
from within my heart
i hear you talk'
words of truth
words of life
and then words of love
as i denied myself
i nednied you as well
but here i am not to run but to be your .., all the time
all the way by your side
and when the road gehts ruff
i will try
I'm tellin' you as plain and as simple as i can
that i care 'bout YOU (say)


what is good for me
should be good for you
if this love is true
that's what it's supposed to do
what is good for you
should be good for me
if this love is real
that's how it's supposed to be

i want the faith of a child that's not afraid of a thing
where to run where to hide when i can feel you within
wanna be the way that i've been before i lost innocence
'cause when i was innocent i was a king (yau yau)
they say you can't direct love's course
but if love finds you worthy
it will direct yours
why did love have to curse me?
Nomore i wanna have to
do what i got to
love never shot me with no arrow
this is a 45 Magnum
.... all the time
I'm tellin you as ? Plain and as simple as i can't that i
care 'bout your


you can extinguish a fire but you can't put out the
fire of the sun
no thunder storm no matter how strong coulda cool
it's heat down
no night no matter how dark it may be could cover
its face for long
because as day reclaims his throne night will bow
and kneel down
ooohh hear my song


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