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Interprete : PATRICE

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Reggae

Texte :

[Chorus] :
nobody move, nobody get hurt
you come home by big car and you return by hearse
'cause we are murderers-we burn all pegons
and we are dangerous-we don't joke and don't make fun we
are the champion sound
we wear the crown and if a drumpan sound come test - we crush to the ground - we chase it out of town

what do you prove
nobody move, nobody get hurt
we have the vibes that make you fly
fly like a bird
don't disturb else
we put your face into the dirt
I and I work and one day we will take over 5the planet Earth
why you try, you know how
but you don't know why
and that is why we are going to send
you back to school for life
bad men spread lies and rumours
brainwash propaganda
but we don't care about the world out there my brother
'cause when b.a.n.t.u. sound in the atmosphere my sister
the people love the people dance and the people share
and mother Africa spirit seems to deh in the air the spirit seems to deh in the air


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Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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