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No Excuse

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Interprete : PATRICE

Langue : Anglais
Année : 0000

Texte :

Them ah chat like them bad, but them don't know what them do. - All of them flex - like idiot,- Them must be mad them must be fool.- There's so much them forgot, when them type of people there pass - through.-
I just say stupidness is no excuse.- Enough man ah gawn like them are bad man?- badman,- But badness nah go pa.- It can pay yout rent in the morning and the evening,- But about the end of the day.- Others ah gawn like them are big man - and suck out the blood of the poor.- But almighty Jah Jah I see everything,- so there is no need to be fake,- cause your - judgement you can't escape.
Enough sophists and fals prophets,- They try mislead the youth. - Them give them false knowledge - in a college - to make them brains confused.- Them all ah try fi fake the truth.- Jah Jah name, them misuse - But awareness is a must - cause stupidness is no excuse.- Injustice, is what them practice.- There are so many false pretenders - Them smile inna your face - And behind your back them rip you off.- So beware and take care - Of where you stand and who you are - Mind what you take inna your system - cause only you can be blamed - for the consequences of your doings - so people unu fi wake

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Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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