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Same Ol' Story

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Interprete : PATRICE

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Reggae

Texte :

Better wake up
You wanna be in heaven or your living in hell
Remenber how it all began you and me against the world
Just a guitar and a drum and all vday long we would rehearse
That's way before the coke the
selfishness the greed
The may load is the heviest,so I must look out for me
Way before the days of low self-esteem
You see some people are and some people seem
So they do anything to maintain what they want people to see
By any means,they bow it's that slave mentality
Those days of innocence are in a sense
What makes me keep the peace
See we were friends si I keep my demons on the leash

It's the same ol'story
Just another song
It's the same ol' beat
Just another drum
It's the same ol' tune
Recycled and redone
Where did it get us
Look where we end up now

You wanna be in heaven now you're living in hell
You wanna be in heaven now you're living hell
You just don't wish nobody well
You're fattest crab in the barell
You drag anybody down who's reaching up to make it out
But now you're held captive by what you created for yourself
Incarcerated in cell made of hatred for yourslef
And I can't help but hold unto the love that once was felt
And I will not fight back seems like you forgot
It was under my roof that you dwell,you eat,you sleep^
But now you fell like lucifer so deep and tell

Love yourself no
You wanna be in heaven now you're living in hell
You wannea be in heaven now you're living in hell
So you can get up lift your head up
Stop the talk and get your shit together
Look in the mirror what you see
Is that the man you used to be
You better wake up you better rise
Lyvely up and pay the price

Got to get up
Got to get up

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