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You Always You

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Interprete : PATRICE

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Reggae
Auteur : P-Bart Williams
Année : 2000

Texte :

1st verse:
This one is dedicated to the truth.
this is Babatunde the original conscious youth.

When I lokk into your eyes i can feel the sun come rise.
it seems like you give me the thing i was missing in my life,the thing i gave up to search,'cause i thought i'm not going to find.
but how could i find when there is no light in my night?
How could i find when there are just clouds and no sunshine?
You fil me up with joy.every moment's a surprise.
you set me free from make me leave this place for miles.
you're not,you are the truth.never forget,it's you,always you.

na,na,na,na,na,na.It's you,always you,my sweet dream.

2nd verse:
yes you are my earth and you make me birth to melodies and thoughts,enliven by your love.yes,i'm a global villager,but you give me home.wherever i may wander,wherever i may roam.while i write this song the world around me disappears.i dip into my thoughts and i speak this noiseless prayer

lord of lords and king of kings,conquering lion,Jah Jah,Almighty One,who arts in mount Zion.I beg You guide and protect the woman i call queen of queens and dream of dreams,lionless,reflection of Patrice.You are right;the word restrict the sens,but i think,You know what i mean,i mean,i really mean,when i call in my sweet dream.


Poster par : Sara

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