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lundi 04 octobre 2021


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Leap Of Faith

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Interprete : R KELLY

Langue : Anglais
Auteur : R Kelly
Compositeur : R KELLY
Année : 2004

Texte :

There is strength deep inside me that I never knew I had
There’s a fire within burnin’ bright
There is a love inside of me that I never thought I’d feel
Until the day you came into my life, yeah

And it was you
That were there when
No one else was
And you show me a love unknown, ooh

[Chorus] [Refrain]

You kept the fire burnin'
You kept hope alive
And when my soul was fallin'
You helped me to survive
And you led the way
Encouraged me to take
That leap of faith

There's a dream that I dream,
I never knew it would come true

There's a place
I never thought that I would be (Ooh)
There is a chance (There's a chance)
That I took (That I took)
That I never thought I'd take
Until you came
And helped me to believe, oh... oh...
You were there when no one else was
And you showed me a love unknown

[Chorus] [Refrain]

Leap of faith

Oh, yeah Oh, yeah
Oh... oh... oh... oh... Oh... oh... oh... oh...

You showed me just how
({How to believe in me} In me, oh...
You moved that tree and tore that forest there for me

[Chorus x2] [Refrain x2]

The fire {Everybody}, hope {All my life}
My soul {Someone's callin'} with you {I'll survive}
You led {Go away}, encouraged me {To take}
That leap of faith and make it over
Now I owe my thanks to you, ho... oh...

[Chorus x2]

Poster par : SARAH

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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