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Lookking For Love

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Interprete : R KELLY

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Slow
Auteur : R kelly
Année : 0000

Texte :

"Looking For Love"

Out of all the girls I've loved before
Out of all the stages I've performed on
Out of all of the cities I've been to
I bless the day that I found you

I bless the day I found you and that's my word
It's nothing for me out there in those streets
You took my heart and you set it on fire
And now my love forever burns
You keep taking me higher

[1] - I been looking for love
In all the wrong places
And now I finally found
Someone who cares for me
No matter the storm
It was you who helped me face it
And now it's safe to say
That you really care for me

Just like the wings
You took me, flew me away, yeah
And now my ground is underneath my feet
This man had nowhere to go
Then you gave me direction
And now the rest of my days
I can't help but give you the praise

[Repeat 1]

You saw my needs, forgave my faults
You cleansed my heart, you changed my thoughts
You brought the sun into my life
When my world had seemed dark, yes you did
And you're the only one
Who was there when I needed a friend
You're the only one who can place joy
When there's pain in my heart

[Repeat 1]

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