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Keep Sweating

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Interprete : RAY-J , FAT JOE

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Hip hop
Année : 2005

Texte :

Pulling up to the club
Six coke dealers in my truck
Sliding to the v.i room
Hypnotik is in my cup
Then i felt someone grab me
And say ain't you from cali
Then say welcome to miami
Yeah she was on me heavy
So i brushed up like wats up
So her jeans was tight as wat
I say next she made me step
Back a minute she was wet
By then i was so ready
She got my tank top so sweaty
Tossed her up like makavelli
And yeah she was on me heavy

O0o keep sweating
Uh uh keep sweating
(o0o0o i'm sweaty it's so hot i'm sweaty)
O0o well you really don't stop
Do wath you do till your bodies hot
Back it on up to the wall then drop
O0o now take it to the top
Now push it back push it back push it back baby
Now push it back push it back push it back oh
Push it back push it back uh push it back push it back uh

Come on
3am club is packed
Sure by now she's feeling that
I might go and take her home
Yeah she knew i made it knwon
Sweat dripping down her face
Took my mind to a different place
Club was kool
If i had my way yeah we'd be at my place
Krazzi how she was down
Looked at me and said lets bounce
Gt coupe in velour
Looked at her and said swell huh
Then we started to roll out
Almost to my crib and she's down
For wateva u kno i'm down
Yeah she'll be sweating for me now
Come on


[Fat Joe]
Woke up in the morning
And i washed my face
Had hoochies in my bed
3 by the fire place
Another 4 on the rug
And they keeping on touch
Everybody do the snake
When they fuken with us
Now chikz luv me
Well atleast they say so
Or mayb its tha money
Or the sweet
See i dun give a fuck
I just leave and replace hoez
And everyone's a playa
But believe me they ain't joe

Stains on my shirt
And it's not from that club
Ray j dunno how to act
You can if you feel me
We can rock away
I jst wana make ya sweat
Y'all feel me
Right around the world
From east to west coasts
Gona make sure ya'll go home
And change clothes
But now we just want ur clothes to be soaked
And if you can't take it
Undress on the dancefloor

O0o keep sweatin
Uh uh keep sweatin
(o0o0o in sweaty its so hot im sweaty)
O0o well u really dont stop
Do wat u do till ur bodiez hot
Bak it on up to the wall then drop
O0o now take it to the top

[chorus] X 2

Poster par : Amber91

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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