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U Can't Shine Like

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Interprete : ROMéO

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap
Auteur : Roméo
Année : 2006

Texte :

Are you serious man? You can't be serious.
They must not know who I be.
You know, you got the Hood President in the building.

Don't start none, wont be none.
Don't start none, wont be none.
Don't start none, wont be none.

I'm back..


You can't shine like me,
in a ride like me,
pull dimes like me,
if you aint from the streets.
I'm a hood star.
You know who I'm is.
I rock big ice, you can't live how I live.

10 karats on my earlobes, check.
DVS's on my wrist, 20 karats on my neck.
While ya'll slidin in that lil' bitty '06 Vette,
I'm waitin' on the runway for my G4 jet.

I'm ahead of the game, you see, you boys got next.
Did a lil' bit of actin' just to stack a few checks.
I aint gotta remind ya'll how the game go,
I'm the youngest with a clothing line, first with a TV show.

I ain't in the pros and I got 3 black cards.
Call the Saints over, they can practice in the back yard.
I do it big, I guess I say I'm just the best at it.
Had a mil' early, man I ben learned my mathematics.

RR02 (Rolls Royce) copped in '06
Boy stop stuntin' If I wan't I can have your chick.
Don't get it twisted, Richy Rich so gutta.
You's a mama's boy, I'm the son of a Hustler. Ha Ha.


See me, I'm so fly and I'm different from them other brothers.
Only 16 and I don't live home with mother.
Me, I keep it real. Dont believe? You can ask my brother.
Kids poppin' in grills n' think they gettin' tougher.
They tryin' a take off their shirts and aint gettin buffer.
I'm benching 180, and that's just with one muscle.
I see dudes trying to act like me, be like me, dog even dress like me.. NO!
You're not me, and there wont be another.
Skip that..
Let me get to the jewels and the colors.
So many rocks on my hands, I'm a certified hustler.
'got a wizard on your hands, sorta' like Caron Butler.
Who me? I'm just learned from the best,
hood star down south with a mansion on the west. Yes..
I got a Bently that I don't even drive,
and I just bought a Phantom just to see how it rides.



Young-V, check the Six Time Zone.
throw away your lil' jewlery all that fake rhinestones.
My ride home, consists of me in the Range.
Don't have to window shop boy look at the Icelink chain.

Check the paint color boy it consistently change.
Me and my big brother paid, man we changing the game.
Look, ice in my mouth, I'm so country and gutta.
I'm a Hood Star, Rich Boy, number 1 hustler.


I'm in the Benz GT with heavy metal on the seat.
I loose the roof on 22's, canary yellow in my teeth.
You dudes slow, I don't ever see you catching up with me.

You way below the sea level. Me, I'm steppin' on the beach.
No reach. I'm ahead of you with houses all in mountains.
Kool-Aid in the water fountains. Costs 'bout three thousand thousands.

Listen, I'm thuggin, man, you know how I'm rock'n
And keep me more dimes than John Stockton. Watch em'

Poster par : Baby TisS

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