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Alien Nation

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Interprete : SCORPIONS

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Pop Rock

Texte :

In the heat of the violence
The night's exploding everywhere
When hate pulls the trigger
The devil comes to take his share
In the garden of Eden
The time is running out so fast
Into heart of the demon
With no escape our die is cast

[Répétition 1] :
In the city of angels
Death is just a moment away
In the city of angels
Your future won't see the light of the day

[Répétition 2] :
Beware of the alien nation
Beware of the truth that they seek
They pray for eternal salvation
They pray for your soul to keep

On the eve of destruction
A reign of terror rules the street
When the heads start rolling
The devil comes to let it bleed

[Répétition 1]

[Répétition 3] :
Walk on past the alien nation
Walk on to the end of your reach
No fear of the alien nation
No fear of the hatred they preach

Don't run, there's no place to hide
Today or tomorrow it will get you
Don't move, the knife is right at your throat
And whatever you do, there's no way out
When the shroud comes down on this place
To bury us all alive
We'll know the time has come, to face the heat

[Répétition 2]

[Répétition 3]

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Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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Alien Nation

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