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Passion Rules The Game

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Interprete : SCORPIONS

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Pop Rock

Texte :

Stranded in this town
My machine slows down
To take me where the night begins
I'm playing everywhere
Loving here and there
I always take the chance to win
Drove a million miles
Gambling rules my life
I only stop to start again

I reach out through the air
Good look is everywhere
Can almost touch it with my hands

Just a little luck tonight
Will do and dreams come true
Just a little luck tonight
I can't stop the wheel
That turns the ball of steel

[Répétition] :
When passion rules the game
I ain't got no control, when my heart's in flames

I'm a stranger in this town
Life takes me up and down
I'll break the score until I'm free
Can't stop to roll the dice
And in the morning light
A girl like you is all I need

Don't you need some love tonight
I do, yes I do
Don't you need some love tonight
How can we stand the heat
When love is all we need


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