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Birthday Suit

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Interprete : SEAN PAUL

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Dancehall

Texte :

Firm structure from your birth...
You know dem can't touch you cause you know your worth
Gal can't dish you no dirt…
If she try touch your shoulder, she gonna get hurt...
I'm telling you girl
See the man dem a flirt
Like dem waan get up your skirt…ay yow
Gal you fi run weh Ernie and Bert 'cause dem bwoy deh a joker...
Dem can't do the work

Woman you know seh that you hot inna your Birthday Suit, me say you win it
Man a mad over your style just get inna di spirit
You nah drop off, Gal to your merit...
You never pop down, Gal your body mi will cherish...
Come gimme Cause you hot inna your Birthday Suit, me say you win it…
Man a mad over your style and you got them infinite
You no run down gal man, to your merit
So gwan buss the place,
Gal your body me will cherish, come give it to me

[Verse 1]
Me pick it up and put it right deh so
I got it .
For you I know you got it tight deh so
Yes inna di morning when mi wake up Inna the night deh so
Me woulda hoist it up and fly it like a kite deh so
Any which part a weh you deh me take a flight deh so
So me get caught, a true you hot yuh brain bright deh so…
Any gal "war" you, you know you no haffi fight deh so
Because you done take the lead…ah I and I say so


[Verse 2]
Because me never spot a girl like you
Me woulda never tell you nothing gal if it untrue
Gal you body calling me it is overdue
You want the drill I got the skill so mek we join like glue
If a di ruff and tuff I give you just like that
If a di cool and deadly right pon di "G Spot"
Weh you want
Mi deh ya fi yu eye roll back
Inua yu head, in other words I make your booty pop


[Verse 3]
Me hear dem a talk seh that you buss this year
Any which part pon earth you walk me see the man dem a stare
Some a dem blind and some a dem a get hearing impaire
True the riddim weh your booty clap, it loud around here
A no lie Big man a cry because you round like sphere
Twenty-one gun salute dem leggo inna di air
See you figure? Gal you richer than a millionaire
You so sexy so your clothes dem you nuh have to wear

[Chorus 2x]

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