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Hey Sexy Lady

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Interprete : SHAGGY

Langue : Anglais
Année : 2003

Texte :

Sexy,hot,I love my your girl,put it on me
Brian and Tony Gold let the ladies know,they got it goin on

Hey sexy lady,I like your flow
Your body's bangin,out of control(Uh!!)
You put it on me(that's righ) ceilling to floor
Only you can make me,screamin back for more!

Her body's callin bawlin got me crawlin up the wall and
My size ain't small it's tall and catch here comes her clothes be fallin
Her neighbor's callin bawlin all this noise is so appallin
They must believe we're brawlin head-boards band till early mornin

Hey sexy lady(Uh!!)i like tour flow
Your body's bangin(yo) out of control(a big tune)
Your put it on me(Uh!)ceilling to floor(ceilling to floor baby)
Only you can make me(uh!)screamin back for more!

I was her father's choosin,performance left her snoozin
Rug burns her kness we're bruised and,she's hooked ain't no refusin

I knew it all along(uh!) she was the perfect one(what!)
She really put it on(on me) I had to write a song

Hey sex y lady(she's drivin me nuts)I like your flow(uh!!uh!!)
Your body's bangin(sexy lady) out of control!(sweet and nice)
You put it on me(you know you got that figure)ceilling to floor
Only you can make me(wow)screamin back for more!

Hey sexy lady,you be fine drive me,
Crazy,movin on,and on,and on
Hey sexy lady you be fine drive me,Crazy movin on,and on,and on

Gal your extra sexy like(whoa)and you make me wanna say(hi)
And you shake you thong(low)
Gal you wicked to ras it nah(lie)
Gal I like the way how you(flow) everytime you pass me (by)
Gal you wiggly jiggly and (oh) and you wicked to ras it nah(lie)
Hey sexy lady(uh!!) I like your flow(whaddat)
Your body's bangin,out of control!
You put it on me(put it on me baby) ceilling to floor(uh!!)
Only you can make me screamin back for more!

uh,moist,ha ha ha ha ha ha

Poster par : la kaira du 93

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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