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Leave It To Me

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Interprete : SHAGGY

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Dancehall

Texte :

Candlelight dinner for two just me and you
Under the moon sailing on a summer night cruise
I'm here to rock your whole world baby
I'm the man allowed to dive you crazy
Set the motion to the ocean cause some commotion
Girl surrender to my love potion
I hit you off with some hot oil lotion
I'm paying it safe so let me break out my Trojan

[Refrain] :
Leave it to me baby and turn on the heat baby
Leave it to me baby and wrinkle the sheets baby
Leave it to me baby whatever you need lady repeat

Now let me plan a day real fine
Hot tub Jacuzzi caviar with some white wine
That right I'm living millionaire style
Mansion in the hill and not another house for miles
Come let me take you and show off my pet reptile
Intruders I gotta feed to my Rotweiler
No interruptions today leave it to me I am having thing my way


Cause like the way you do the things you do
I wanna make sweet love to you repeat

I wanna send chills up your spine
And let you feel good inside and explode just like a land mine
I'm here to conquer and thrill and that's my mission
Love making with timing and precision
My skills are kicking like quicken
Proper love leave you humming
Sweet melodies of future comings
Prepare to get soaked in sweat
Cause you ain't seen nothing yet


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