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lundi 04 octobre 2021


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Strength Of A Woman

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Interprete : SHAGGY

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Indefini
Année : 2003

Texte :

This one goes out to all my women, you know
My strong women
So amazing how this world was made
I wonder if God is a woman
The gift of life astounds me to this day
I give it up for the woman
She's the constant wind that fills my sail
Oh that woman
With her style and her smile, my
She'll protect like a child
That's a woman
She'll put a smile upon your face
And take you to that higher place
So don't you underestimate
The strength of a woman
the strength of a woman
Woke up this morning
I got up with the scent of a woman
Just picture if you could what life would be
Ain't much good without a woman
She can nag and be a constant pain
Oh that woman
But those hips she's got me whipped
And it's just too hard to resist
What a woman
Tender lips that's so so sweet
Gentle words she softly speaks
Such an angel when we need
God bless the ground beneath her feet
She can take you on a high
Be your comfort when you cry
But if you look into her eyes
You'll see the strength of a woman
Strength of a woman

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