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January Day

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Interprete : SHAKIRA

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Pop Rock

Texte :

I met you one January day,
With the moon on my nose
And seeing you were sincere
in your eyes, i lost myself

What a clusmy distraction
And what a sweet sensation

And now that we're walking around the world
Like Eneas and Benetin
I've already noticed the many cuts
That they inflicted on you along the way

But my crazy love
Is your doctor

I'm going to cure your mourning soul
I'm going to leave you like new
And everything's going to pass
Soon, you will see the sun shine

You, more than anyone, deserve to be happy

Soon you will see
Your wounds healing little by little
Soon you will see how life itself
Will decant the excess salt from the sea

And although you've been a foreigner
even in your own country
If i ask 'how do you say' (Colombian Accent)
You still say 'what did you say' (Argentinean Accent)
And you cry with emotion listening to a bandoneón

And though you seem absent minded with that lazy walk
i know what causes your heart to ache
that's why i wanted to make you this song

You're going to see how little by little
Your wounds are going to heal
You're going to see how life itself
Will decant the excess salt from the sea

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