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Interprete : SKID ROW

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Pop Rock

Texte :

There are things we cannot see that hang
Within her sight
There are people we won't remember that
Dance with her at night

Eileen's calling me
To sit awhile and talk to trees
Eileen can't you see
The songs you sing are scaring me

Eileen, Eileen

She romances with the moon
Full and alone
It's really a street light
It's something we all know

[Repeat Chorus]

6. Remains To Be Seen

[Bolan, Hill, Snake]

Shy a quarters headroom
I saw the
Half-moon was burning down
Play with your reflection 'cause
And infection is going around

Dive head-on into me, Dive head-on into me
Dive head-on into me, Dive head-on into me

Meet my neighbor's widow, a black and
Bluedoe, she's up a tree
Trip, the lightning spastic
Captain Fantastic. The nineteen seventies

Dive head-on into you, Dive head-on into you
Dive head-on into you, Dive head-on into you

Bury the news with the views from
the door
Rattle the bones with the drones at the
Corner store--see them for myself

Commies, kinks and masochists
Weirdos, love and homicide
Witches, freaks and 45s
Kick a painted pony let the spinning wheel ride

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