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1er Couplet :

Nobody knows the pain I feel,
Nobody knows but it's for real,
I can feel it (yeah yeah)
I do, oh oh
Nobody knows that I miss you
Nobody knows but it's the truth,
I can feel it (yeah yeah)
I do...


You cannot pretend
That I don't even matter you
And I know better
You’ve been away from me for too long
It’s time for you to come on home
No one can say what is right for me
They don't have to live my life
I need for you to come on over
I’ll be waiting

Refrain : (X2)

I am nothing (without you baby)
Nothing (it's driving me crazy)
Nothing no one
I’m so alone

No one can see inside of me oh
No one can see how much I can need you
I do
Nobody sees the tears I’ve cried
No one is there to dry my eyes
I need you


(Refrain X2)

I just can be without you
Can’t live without you
Can’t sleep without you…

I don't care what they say about you
They don't know how I feel for you
Don't care of what they say about me
They don't know and they can't see

(Refrain X2)

Need you
Need you in my life now
Don't you leave me baby
Baby don't you leave me
Never leave me
Never leave me...

Langue : Anglais
Interprete : brandy
Année : 2004

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