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Go ahead
Just leave
Can't hold you, you're free
You take all these things
If they mean so much to you
I gave you your dreams
Cause you meant the world
So did I deserve to be left in hurt
You think I Don't know
You're out of control
And then I'm finding all of this from my boys
Girl you say I'm cold
You saving souls
You're already know I'm not a touching materials

Refrain :

I give it all up, but I'm takin' back my love
I'm takin' back my love
I'm takin' back my love
I've given you too much
But I'm takin' back my love
I'm takin' back my love, my love, my love, my love
My love

What did I do ?
But give up to you
I'm just confused
As I stand here and look at you
From head to feet
Always about me
Go ahead keep your keys
It's not what I need from you
You think that's enough (I do)
You made your self cold
How could you believe
Your more than me
I'm your girl
You're out of control (so what)
How could you let go
Don't you know I'm not touching material

Refrain (x2)

So all this love, I gave you take it away
You think material is the reason I came
If I have nothing what do u want me to say ?
You take your money, take it all away

Refrain (x3)

Langue : Anglais
Interprete : enrique iglesias, ciara
Année : 2009

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