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Came in the game as a young'n
Signed with Cash Money, pocket fulla money
Niggas pop shit, always talkin' 'bout somethin'
See ya' ass in public, it's a whole 'nother subject
Man they just talk about it, they just talkin bout it
And I'm on the streets with it, I'm on the streets with it
See where I come from you got to be about it
And if you want it want it, we come and see about it

[Verse 1]
Okay, uhh
It's Weezy baby like the last shit
A big car and a bad bitch, uhh
I'm so fly, I need my ass kicked
These niggas ballin' by accident, uhh
Keep talkin' nigga fuck up your body
Singin hormon' til' your mournin', was a accident, uhh
Haha, I'm a G til the casket drop on my glasses, uhh
Fast money, I'm the fastest
I got that hustler's passion ya know
Them boys back in the ass in
I'm at the bank tryin' to cash in


[Verse 2]
Okay it's been a murder, bitch I make a killin'
Insurance papers and the safe money in the ceilin', uh
I got a pillow case full of pistols
Come thru a nigga house and aim at the pillows, uh
Yeah, wake up, wake up, fuckin' with them boys
You gon' wake up taped up, ya dig
Now go drink that lake up stick 'em in the trunk
And let them feel that bass pump, haha
These niggas is nuts that man that M-14 leave you physicially fucked
Haha these niggas is ducks well you can call me Scrooge
Cause I'm swimmin' in bucks, bitch


[Verse 3]
Yeah okay, yeah, yeah
Too hot, to cold, uh, I'm red hot, blue cold
I'll knock your melon out your fruit bowl
All my guns black, I got true soul, yeah
And the Coma Coupa black panther bla, bla, bla
Thats the gat anthem and if a nigga play with family for that matter
I'm a smoke so many niggas I'm a catch cancer, c'yeah
And if I step up out this Benz'o, you know
I'm comin' with a gun like a Nintendo, they soft
Them niggas fallin' when the wind blow
Then I'm rollin' up my window, fuck 'em


Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap
Interprete : lil wayne

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