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Why do I kid myself
Why do I scream for pleasure
It's four in the morning should know better
But she can weave a spell
Want it to last forever
Making me feel like somebody special

Can't carry on this way (just go to sleep)
Before it gets too late (just go to sleep)
Doing damage to my brain
Well here we go again

Though I look everywhere
I never seem to find it
Always a shadow around a corner
Drown it in alcohol
Stuck in the elevator
Hard to remember in the morning

Tell you about myself
If you're in the mood to listen
Baby you don't know who you're kissing
This is a lonely world
You are a strange companion
When you get what you wanted
You want to leave

Honestly I want to free myself
From the burden of inaction
Honestly I want to raise myself
To any plane I can imagine

Langue : Anglais
Interprete : crowded house

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