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Willy:ouai Panay tes pres??
Panay:Ouai zink remix!!!!

sometimes in life you feel the fight is over
and it seems as tough the writings on the wall
superstar you ve finally made it
but once your picture becomes tainted
it's what they call the rise and fall

i always said that i was gonna make it
now it's plain for everyone to see
but this game i'm in don't take no prisoners just casualties
i know that everything is gonna change
even the friends i knew before may go
but this dream is the life i've been searching for

on se laisse croire qu'on est intouchable
et que nos vies changent à jamais
d'un coup le monde devient plus aimable
faut croire qu'il l'est
je me plais dans l'artifice du mondin
je suis aveugle par les vices qu'on y trouve
je commence vraiment à perdre de vue
qui je suis


j'suis à la course et je veux reprendre
j'ai fait le grand tournant sans issues
j'ai vu le danger sans vraiment apprendre
je n'ai pas su
et toutes les fois ou j'aurais pu choisir
ouvrir les yeux et me libérer
j'y retombais plus bas
il est beaucoup trop tard

burnt all my bridges now i've run out of places
and there's nowhere left for me to turn
been caught in compromising situations
i should have learned
from all those times i didn't walk away
when i knew that it was best to go
is it too late to show you the shape of my heart?


now i know i've made mistakes
you think i don't care
but you don't realise what this means to me
so let me have just one more chance
i'm not the man i used to be
used to be...


Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB
Interprete : panay, willy denzey
Auteur : Panay
Année : 2003

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