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NATHALIE: all i need is your love
is your love

nigth comes boy its my men more we
nigth are come seen to rain the way from me
baby sometimes i more friend over good hapen to me
age feel go right vor is ron
baby can't you see

CHORUS:all i need is your love all i need is your love
i feel happy is coming himself tell me why
all i need is your love, all i need is your love can't you see i'm happy streever just to night.

Night froms dont you ware wood himself
nigth are come i close my eyes in ron in way
tell me how can i express one eye feeling for you
i can really telling you to rou
baby cant you see

All i need is your love (2F
come come baby hey is love
all i need is ypur love(2F
come come bab

all i need is to your baby
all i need is is your love

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap
Interprete : makoma
Auteur : makoma
Compositeur : makoma
Année : 2002

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