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1,2 STEP

This beat is...
Automatic, supersonic
Hypnotic, funky fresh
With my body, so melodic
This beat rules right through my chess
Everybody, mom and poppy
came to party, grab somebody
work your body, work your body
let me see you 1,2 step

I can start
Everybody get on the floor
came to party and were about to give it all
let me see you 1,2 step
i love it 1,2 step
everybody 1,2 step
and were about to give it all

This beat is...
outrageous, so contageous
make you crave jazze made it
so retarted, top charted
ever since the day i started
strut my stuff and yes i flunt it
Goodies makes the boys jump on it no one think i control
my self
now let me do my 1,2 step


(2x) and no matter to me freken dance floor
and charm away the beat drop my body and souls
and just swing it over here Mr.Dj and we will, we will rock u

Shake it like jello
make the boys say hello
cuz they know i'm rock'n to be
i know u herd about another great Mc
but they got nothing on me
because i'm 5 foot 2
i want to dance with u
and i'm sophisticated fun
i eat filet minion
and im nice and young
best belive im #1!


Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB
Interprete : ciara, missy eliot
Année : 2004

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