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Houston (bounce) … Yeah … I like that Chingaling (bounce) … Nate dogg … I-20
Track stars like that … Yeah … I like that I like that

REFRAIN: Whooa ooh whoa ooh whoa ooh whoa
I like that; I like that, girl twirk that back, whoa I like that
I like that (Whooa ooh whoa ooh whoa ooh whoa)
I like that, I like that, that’s where the money at
Whoa I like that; I like that, girl freak that back

Houston bust straight through, I see me I see you
Your body’s callin, I’ma blow yo back
I’ll show, put ya hands up, shake it fast on me; I’m the pimp you need
Then G’s in yha pocket and I’m ready to roll
I’m on fire like a rocket and I’m ready to blow
Don’t stop get ready drop, turn around and make it pop (pop)
Ahh (don’t stop girl) just drop (drop)


Some of tha niggas widdin’ out, got me back against tha wall
Girl I like it (I like it), while you feelin me burnin in between on fighting temptation
Comin’ over me (comin’ over me), I can feel the vibration (feel the vibration)
Getting’off on me (whoa ooh whoa ohh), don’t stop get ready drop
Turn around and make it pop (pop), ahh just drop (drop)


Yeah yeah yeah
Drop … then let me see ya bring it back up top, she hot like a boiling pot
On tha stove like whoa here we go (here we go), I got me a piece of ya block tonight
And I’m leaving wit somethin’ hot tonight, she isn’t got tonight
Stop … you thougt I lost ya, this 12 inches it’ll cost ya, what I say ya get toss ya
24’s on tha whip I stay floss ya, she wanna hang wit tha stars so I showed her my bracelet
You gotta you wanna you gotta replace it

Yeah yeah yeah
Yeah jackpots give it back? Broads, look at ass drop forward back clap’n’pause
We sween all the broads and they off of choosin’, then holla at ya nigga, is that problem Houston?


(Whoa) we all over ya body, Big Nate Dogg can jump start a party, we aint gonna hurt nobody, gimme that gimme that gimme that, (x2)


Yeah yeah yeah
Turn around from tha back and um, I like that, let me see it from tha front and uh; I like that
Yeah you know how we do, turn around, come here, let me see ya back

Langue : Anglais
Interprete : houston, chingy, nate dogg, i-20
Année : 2004

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