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Unh.. Unh, Unh.. Chingy, gettin' it, Yeah.. Unh, Unh....
Hope you know how to get it
Cuz right herre, we gon' get it, its like this...

We gettin' it
We gettin' it, we gettin' it
(I'm gettin' it!) We gettin' it
All my hustlers are...
Gettin' it, we gettin' it, you gettin' it?
(I'm gettin' it!) We gettin' it
Just so you could start!
Gettin' it, we gettin' it, you gettin' it?
(I'm gettin' it) We gettin' it
All my ladies are...
Gettin' it, we gettin' it, you gettin' it?
(I'm gettin' it!) We gettin' it
Just so you could start!
Gettin' it

I'm on top of my game
Droppin' the flame
My name, got me dodgin' the fame
Watchin' the dames, surround us, when we poppin' champagne
Coppin' the range, plus thems got it dropped on them thangs
Flossin's a shame, i'm countin' thousands, doin' some poutin'
Then I'm throwin I-owa, back-stage, girls are shoutin'
Haters hate, but it alright, if its a race then we won
Took some yearrs, to get herre, now Mama, look atcha' son
Blastin' em witout a gun, just a mic and some beat
No mo' eatin' where its cheap, ad-just-in' to fine meat
Women lookin' like, " that's him", like they seen the pope
Wallet full of crispy bills, now I'm never goin' broke
Cuz I'm...


Breakin' niggaz wit the flow
Movin' faster than +Flo-Jo+
Floatin' through the 3 by 4
Rim cocked to my left low
I'm the boy that got dough
Talk to my dirty mo
Ooh, I'm gettin' it wit the thump behind the track, Sammy So
Went from in my momma house, to boy out in the condo
I got them dudes mad, I make 'em mad enough to go Pern-yo
Painted bracelet, can't you taste it
More powerful than the +Matrix+
Cats they get dropped from they label
I'm herre now, now they in basics
Want you face it, if you didn't, if they focused, then its crazy
Bout to have this industry doin' for me, like its slavery
To my ladies get it daily(hey Chingy)shit, I'll see you ladies
Still dippin', they gotta say, but you still gotta pay me
My daddy had her for what, canary yellow on some other[Tires screeching]
Now I got a bentley, livin' a legacy, the same brother
We some docka, he won't stop us, better learn, listen, and watch us
Don't worry 'bout a thang, Smooth, C ooh, see I gotcha(unh)


We gettin' in, the Lou
Twenty-twos, on old school
They gettin' it in Miami, kickin' it wit no rules
They gettin' it in Chicago, playas holdin' it down
They gettin' it in New Orleans, bouncin' to my sound
They gettin' it in New York, keep it gutta, they love it
They gettin' it in Boston, cats get wild in the public, shit
They gettin' it in Detroit, thuggin', ballin' and spendin' (Whoaa!)
They gettin' it in Milwaukee, buck-wild corners they bangin'
They gettin' it in Caley High, rollin' and bangin'
They gettin' it in Atlanta, 'thorities watchin' me drankin'
They gettin' it in Las Vegas, them team heard of slots
They gettin' it in Virginia, cats mobbin' up they flop(unh)


Sonia Carey

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap
Interprete : chingy
Année : 2004

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