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[Couplet 1] :
I brought you here So that I could express the things I've been thinking about Give me your ear 'Cause I don't normally do this So bare with me through this There are so many things that I wanna say But let me start by simply saying I thank you Darling just because

[Refrain] :
I used to love someone that I didn't like We used to wanna break up every other night I used to think relationships were a lot of stress I used to think that pain was a part of happiness Now all that changed since you've come my way But I don't want us to become Another used to be

[Couplet 2] :
I hope what I'm saying don't discourage you in any kind of way 'Cause I do believe You have a potential to be everyting I need I hope that you can really understand That I would hate to be with someone new And tell her what I'm telling you


[Couplet 3] :
'Cause it would only be a another waste of time Another moment to erase out of my mind Another memory a part of history I can't forget it 'cause it keeps on haunting me Now that you're here It's evidently clear (I don't have to worry) I don't ever have to have this worry again (again)

[Refrain] X3

Langue : Anglais
Genre : RnB
Interprete : joe
Année : 2003

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