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Don't explain, you never change
Same old thing, same old game,
Say ya want to be with me
But show me my ring, baby, let me think
I been in the cold
The story untold, about to unfold,
How do you, expect me, to ever believe, you won't be with me

Why you all in my grill
Can you pay my bills
Let me know if you will
Cuz a chick gotta live

Talk is talk, and talk is cheap
Tell it to her, don't say it to me
Cuz i know, i'm in control
See trix are fo kids, and boo i'm too old
Go ahead with your game, don't ever come back, to me again
Where you go, remember me
I'm the best thing in history


Third time, i moved you in, took you back in my life
I don't know what's wrong with me
Third time, i moved you in, took you back in my life

Refrain (x2)

If you wan't me, where's my dough?
Give me money, buy me clothes
No need for talking, have my dough?
Where's my money? Where's my clothes?

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap
Interprete : missy elliot, mc solaar
Année : 2000

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