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Pass It To A-rab

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Interprete : SOULJA BOY , ARAB

Langue : Anglais
Genre : rapcrunkhip
Auteur : Soulja boy & arab
Année : 2007

Texte :

Pass it to Arab [repeat]

Pass it to Arab, watch my feet and my hands
Freaky cap on my head, …… on my pants
Shades on my face,
rubber bands on my neck
Do yo dance in the club,
and you know that it's on deck

Do it, I did it,
when you see it you already know
Hit the merrygoin,
twist my body as I take it slow
Imma crank it up fo Soulja
pass it on to me
Whatchu flinchin fo,
cause you jumpin off on D


Yeah, I'm in this thang,
Check my chain,
Club got crunk when they heard
that your boy came

Man what you sayin
I crank that Robocop
And make my shoulders drop
This snap(?) go by my socks?

Get low (get low),
do it foe (do it foe)
Superman (superman),
jig 'em foe (jig ‘em foe)

Arab stand on deck,
read and write up on my teeth
Cross my feet, snap on beat,
I'll make that dance look lovely


I crank my bapes (I crank my bapes)
I crank my dance (I crank my dance)
If you gon hate (If you gon hate)
I crank these hands (I crank these hands)

Don't stop , do it
Pool palace, and shoot it

Oh, do yo dance
Rolls up in and pop yo pants
I did it, don't jock my dance
Watch me crank that kick the can

Throw it up in the air
And we finda catch it foe
17 years old
And took over the whole show


Uh, ah, Walk wit it now [repeat]


Poster par : nanou971

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