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Interprete : TALINA , NICHOL'S

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Zouk
Auteur : talina lyse & Nichol's
Compositeur : Ronal Rubinel
Année : 2001

Texte :


I won’t dare to touch you, I prefer to imagine you
You’re just a dream which comes true, I just wanna spend my time with you

A night, or just a moment, I can’t stand to wait, Baby I can’t
On the table, the floor or in my bed
If it’s sex you want baby I will

I, You, my baby, don’t be scared to be with me
Let’s have a good night
You, I, don’t be shy, let my hands hold you tight
Squeeze me.

You’re good at screw, baby don’t you You think I’m queet
You love me as a sister but become my lover
You waste your time jocking on me baby*
But look in my eyes, don’t you see baby, what claims all my body

You wanna be my baby, be ready for my fantasy
I’m gonna drive you crazy. Are you sure you’ll be ok?
Girl nobody else can do you like me
Honey you’d better think of it, if you wanna be mine forever

Poster par : Talina

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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