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Langue : Anglais
Genre : Zouk
Auteur : Talina Lyse
Compositeur : Ronald Rubinel
Année : 2001

Texte :

Everytime U better know what U better do, Everyday U used to say babe I love U, can U explain Why U used to tell me, baby baby bay that U really love Me.

Could someone tell me why I decided one day to leave U? Is there someone who could give a hand so as to know the truth? U used to be so sweet so kind, oh baby I apologize, i'm lost I need to solve this mystery that makes me feel so sad.
My whole life became a nightmare since the bloody day, when I discovered U in my bed with another lady. Don't wanna be this kind of girl who wastes her time with a cunt, I prefer make a new life and say U:'' Hey! U got busted''.
Another guys, there're so many, who will be right to make love with me, U apologize but babe it's finish (X2)

Wait for U? It's too long, our love was so wrong. 'Got lots things to discover oh guy U better stay with her. I've got so many dreams that I've got to make come true. I'll find a new fellah when U will disappear from my life.

''I will survive'' it's not a song just for Miss Gaynor, I'll be alright, won't see my tears lying on the floor. I just can't help everyday waiting for a call: holly mister ''know-it-all'' give me your...ah ah

I was so stupid to trust in love, U play me for a fool it was enough. Just P.O, yes it's my new logo rikitiki aha, let me see gimme gimme aha.

Poster par : Talina

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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