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Watch How It Go Down

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Interprete : TERMANOLOGY

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Hip hop
Auteur : Termanology
Compositeur : Produced by DJ Premier
Année : 2006

Texte :

Verse 1

I see myself as the holy resurrection of pun

if I ain’t that, then you name one

rapper, this lyrical slash latin

political past rapping

with visuals past malcolm

and finna go past platinum

its hard but I speak the truth

inspired to teach the youth

with fire to heat the booth

I’m hired to beat the loop

the system it traps us in

they tackle and wrap us in

these shackles and pack us in

the back of the crackers inn

I’m packin the mack again

like capital punishment

huggin the gun and then

running and duckin from the government

they, dying to cuff me up

lock me down, touch me up

cock the pound, bust me up

stop my sound, hush me up

but I shall never hold my tongue

before that I roll my blunt, and load my gun

give a kiss to my daughter, tell my mother I love her

and blow the brains out a couple dirty cops undercover

crooked detectives

it’s foul how they book and arrest us,

for cooking and stretching

we just trying to feed our kids

the streets crazy foul plus it get crazy wild

listen when I say it now

watch how it go down

Verse 2

And that’s the reason little kids get hit by strays

Cause motherfuckers can’t act their age

Before you learn how to shoot, better learn how to aim

Theres already enough of our people that’s dying from aids

I try and remain

Calm but its frying my brain

And I’m ashamed

My generation die over chains

And lye on the pave-

ment, leaking out the side of their brains

Tell me when will this environment change

We need new leaders

But all we get is new heaters

And divas and two seaters, as soon as that loot see us

It’s a bad cycle

Just look how they bagged michael

Which one? Any one

Jordan, Jackson

Action, pack guns

Ridiculous, how they ship to us

Then we hit the bus

From rikers to middleton

Them lifers and middle men

Spending life illegitimate

Living life in imprisonment

When I think of my niggas and

I think how many are locked

I see they never did watch how it go down

And that’s the reason little kids get shot in the streets

Cause motherfuckers never watch how it go down

Verse 3

And last week my buddy lost his whole family

Its gonna take the man in me

To concur this insanity

I walk the town strapped

Just hoping the pound clap

Correctly, and protect me

In case they wanna come and wet me

My enemies on the street, far exceed my friends

So when you see me you don’t see no benz

Cause that just, make me an easy target

To jump up and meet the coffin

And making my seed an orphan

The car that I’m speeding off in

Is stolen, I see the narcs in,

My vision, I see the cops and,

they, gripping they pistols, trying to put me in prison

So I listen to Pac’s best

And try to be not stressed

But how could I not stress

The fact that I’m not rich

I’m living in poverty

Plus I’m a minority

Plus all my priorities

fucked in this economy

Rap music is probably

Not the best career you could choose

But hearing my views, like hearing the news

So fear me if you

Skepticize homie, but its clearly the truth

The tech 9 will have you clearing the room

I ain’t a killer, but I’m something like a prophet

I’m trying to get y’all to stop it

see the ghetto is microscopic

it’s a better place

but for now we got the bread to chase

catch a case

get bailed out, back to stretching base

I’m bringing the message like kanye west

except your boy got more techs then ron artest

I know you wanna see me stretched

Be my guest

Handle your biz, but make sure you watch how it go down

The streets crazy foul

Plus it get crazy wild

Listen when i say it now, Watch How It Go Down


Shit is wicked in these mean streets
Ayo enoughs enough

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Watch How It Go Down

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