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Interprete : THE GAME

Langue : Anglais
Année : 2005

Texte :

Yall dont want it with the southside
[ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy]
Yall dont want it with the southside
[Aint nothin, aint nothin, aint nothin, aint nothin, ayy]
Yall dont want it with the southside
[ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, crank it]
Yall dont want it with the southside
[ayy, ayy, aint nothin, aint nothin, ayy]

[Verse 1: Lil Scrappy]
Ill leave your ass cripled
Like some frosted flakes
What you call it sneakin up
Tha man Jake the snake
Every nigga on the street
Got something to say
Until they get sprayed in the face
With a gay like mase
I dont hate the fagget
Lets get dashed and crunk
I was lifted by a precher
So my mom pushed weight
Now i hooked up wit game
Real nigga with flame
He show me cali love
And i aint in no game
Every nigga that role wit me
Betta keep it G'd
Ill put the verdebrate
Push a DDT
Lets get the sippi
Yall niggas aint even gifted
Bust a shot at your chin
Your top getting lifted
G's up get your G's up
Scrappy with your weed up
I fuck with g-unit
So yall sake get they ass lumped
Your homeboy really going
Through something
I cant change
I fuck hoes that would make
Mya look lame


[Verse 2: Game]
The reallest of niggas
I role wit them killas [yeah]
The world gotta feel us
My clique is gorilla
You niggas in trouble
Im in the track with B-M-E cliqueing
You aint gotta know
Im sigend to Dre to know that he sick
P-89 thats what i handle my beef with
Put them hollow tips under your arms
Like speedstick
Ride through your hood
In a blue impala
Like we crips
Roll down the tints, G-Unit
Im a head busta, lil scrappy
When the lead touch ya
And they aint no comming back when you dead fucker
Sleep in your earn
And get eaten by worms
Trying to fight a fire with
Bottled water heat and get burned
They tampered my phones
Like D-R-E and the firm
Cuz im buzzing like WuTang
And it aint even my turn
So who it may concern
Youll get your whole mouth wide
Fuckin with them gang bangers


[Lil Scrappy [Game]]
Hey hold the muthafucker up mi nigga
[hold up]
This your boy little scrappy shorty
[BME] A-town [A-town]
Mi nigga game [Comptown]
You know, its westside [G-G-G-G] in this bitch
They want [G-G-G-G-G-G Unit] to get that ass hit
They wanna get that ass hit
Ayy, ayy, ayy, [G-G-G-G]

Who you lookin at?
Nah not me nigga
Who you lookin at?
Nah not me nigga
Who you lookin at?
Nah not me nigga
Im for real
Nah not me nigga



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