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Start From Scratch

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Interprete : THE GAME

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Rap

Texte :

What the fuck are you lookin at self
You want a piece of me
Ahh man shit
The story of my life...

If i could start from scratch i woludn't change shit
Same red bandana same 45th
Same g wagon same hoodrat bitch
Workers in the kitchen cookin up my shit
Same telephone booth same connect
That mean the same hollow tips breakin up in my chest
Same bloody t-shirt same address
Same dog food album bangin in my tape deck
Homie if i could make 94 today
I'd tell Eazy and Dre to bring back N.W.A.
I would have told Pac not to stomp Orlando
Told Puffy and Big about the Rampart scandal
I got too many dead homies
Fuck a rap career
I'd give anything in the world to bring back my Nigga tez
Seem like we was jus' in magic city yesterday
If i could bring back my homeboy Charles he would say...

[Refrain] :
If i could start my life from scratch
If i could take away the pain off my past
If i had another chance i would do just that
I'd give anything jus' to go right back
If i could start my life from scratch
If i could take away the pain off my past
If i had another chance i would do just that
I'd give anything jus' to go right back

Homie if i could rewind the hands of time
I would of cut off the ps2 at 12:49
Nigga i'm a gangsta i stay on my grind
Who knew 11 minutes later I'd get shot wit my own 9
I was 2 beeps away from a flatline
When you a bad boy niggas don't wanna see you shine
Dre said its my turn
He call it Game time
23 lexanis bitches call him lebron
I'd give my own life if i could change God's mind
Bring baby luny back at the drop of a dime
He let off a whole k
Got shot 1 time
That was a cool nigga I wish he had 9 lives
My brother Devon died coz he chased the cat
This a dog eat dog world Jesus please holla back
I got a confession to make its called payback
If y'all don't wanna listen show me where pastor Mase at


I would have told Big Will it rain every Tuesday and Thursday
When pigeons in your coupe you gotta watch where your birds lay
Would have told Vita to stay sober
When niggas beg for mercy
That mean the beef is over
Told ?? to take the porsche back
Drive a rover
Told slim hit reverse on that hardtop nova
I would've change a couple of lines when i wrote soldier
So i wouldn't have to live lookin over my shoulder
My life is like an impala ridin 3 wheel motion
I've been front to back
Side to side
Level my 6 4 frame out
Keep on rollin
Keep your family far away and your enemys closer
Picture this THE SOURCE suckin benzino's dick
Tryna be the big fish in the pond
You know how them piranhas get
You dead when dat green line go flat
If you could start your life from scratch you couldn't change that


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