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Langue : Anglais
Genre : Pop Rock

Texte :

To you, anything even close to love is pain.
I was looking at you, without any questions or answers, and it was just like

You act as if all the times we had in the past meant nothing.
Everything is remaining in the pitch black darkness.

*I really did love you, and you were really the only one.
Is the person standing in front of me at this moment not the real you?
I said for you not to go, that this may be your last chance.
But all you said as a response was “sorry.”

If you wanted it, if you sincerely did, I’ll remain like an old memory hung up
to you.
You act as if all the times we had in the past meant nothing.
You’ll forget everything as if it’s in the pitch black darkness.


Are you seriously going to remove it all?

Now I’ll erase you, I’ll erase every single thought about you.
Since the beginning, we never knew love.
But there is one thing that we can’t forget.
You can’t forget that you loved someone, and also the memories of love…

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