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Indian Flute

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Langue : Anglais
Genre : Hip hop
Auteur : Timbaland j'kroi
Compositeur : Re lui, j kroi
Année : 2003

Texte :

[Chorus - Timbaland, Magoo, Sebastian]
I got my eyes on you
Baby, let me tell you that you are the truth
I love your indian flute
Oo,da-da,oo,da-da,oo da do
Sing it 2 me [followed by raje x3]
But i can't understand a word you sayin!!?

[Timbaland (& Raje)]
Baby, i been eyein you way from afar
Thanks 4 the props, but 2 me, you the star,
Let's get it on tonite, why wait 4 tomorrow,
(C'mon Timmy, show me how bad you are)
Indian - Timbaland


[Magoo (& Raje)]
Baby, you sure, you wanna sleep next 2 Moo,
when it's 3 of us on the TV it's kung-fu,
surrounded in (?), end up on top of you,
U ain't the first, best believe,
fo' sho', there's been a few
(C'mon Mag'n'oo, because I'm feelin you)
Indian - Magoo


[Sebastian (& Raje)]
Don't slow, and I'll direct your every move,
like a young Benny Boom,
after beatin up your womb,
no need to put on perfume,
baby girl, you leavin soon
Nobody gotta know your thong was maroon,
Ya know, after creepin out my room
Just so your man don't assume,
sing it to 'im [followed by Raje x3]


Poster par : Randy

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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