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Interprete : TINA ARENA

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Varieté

Texte :

A million stars light
This beautiful night

This is not a night to die

Let me sing and dance

beneath the sky
I have such love to give

To give
I want a chance to live

For the one I love
As no one has loved
Asking nothing in return
Free to find my way

Free to have my say
Free to see the day


As I used to be
Like a wild bird free

With all of life in me

Though this world tears us apart
We're still together in my heart
I want the world to hear my cry
And even if I have to die

Love will not die
Love will change the world


I'll love, until love wears me away
I'll die, and I know my love will stay
And I know my love will stay

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