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Disco Inferno

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Interprete : TINA TURNER

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Varieté

Texte :

To my surprise one hundred storeys high
People getting loose now, getting down on the roof
Folks screaming, out of control
It was so entertaining when the boogie started to explode
I heard somebody say

[Refrain] x2:
(Burn baby burn) Disco Inferno
(Burn baby burn) Burn that mother down

Satisfaction came in a chain reaction
I couldn't get enough, so I had to self-destruct
The heat was on, rising to the top
Everybody is going strong, and that is when my spark got hot
I heard somebody say

[Refrain] x2

Up above my head
I hear music in the air
That makes me know
There's a party somewhere

(Just can't stop) When my spark gets hot x2

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