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Stay A While

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Interprete : TINA TURNER

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Varieté

Texte :

So who are you gonna turn to when the light is fading
Who are you gonna run to when the rain sets in
Who do you come to when the blues comes calling
Who are you trying to fool coming around here again
Yes, I heard you found a new plaything
Right now it seems you need a friend

Why don't you stay a while
Just till the night is through
Tell me you're lonely, baby, I'm lonely, too
So stay awhile
I'll stay ahile

All I ever wanted was a shoulder to lean on
And all you ever wanted was a dream that would last
Promises made in the heat of the moment
I know I never told you that was too much to ask
But it won't take much gentle persuasion
To make you remember, make me forget

You may not be a knight in white satin
Maybe the best was all in the past
Turn the lights low, lay down beside me
Just till the dawn, I don't want you to go

Tell me you want me
Baby, I need you too
Stay awhile

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