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I Need

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Interprete : TRINA , MONEY MARK

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Hip hop
Année : 2001

Texte :

I Need
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[Money Mark]
Gotta, Uh, got feel that shit,
Uh, you gotta feel that shit


[Money Mark]
Let me tell you what kinda hoes I like

Let me tell you what kinda niggas i like

[Money Mark]
I'ma tell you what kinda hoes I like

Let me tell you what kinda niggas I like...

Chorus: [Trina & Money Mark]

I wanna nigga who'll lick the clit,
Gone let me ride the dick, and blow in side my shit,uhh

I want a bitch who like ta' suck da dick,
Who wanna fuck and shit, get in the buck and shit, what

Verse 1: [Trina]

Nigga, I'ma first class hoe, money in the stash hoe
fast hoe, love it when you like tha ass hole
And if you wanna pass go
I need 20 grand or better
Real go getter out for the flo' getter
Uh, quick cum niggas on the coach
Stick ya tongue in it, keepin' ya sprung in it
Stocks and bonds might let ya cum in it
Girlfriends do, I do too!, O ones in it
When it, gets wet I won't tease ya dog
Spreading da couchie wide come and please me dog
Easy dog, what, I don't need jake's like you
Bitch I got 8 like you,
Who'll like it, get it wet and then stick it
I'm da type of hoe you wanna trick wit, slick bitch
I'ma veteran, no pussy gets wetter than
Than Rio, fuck you fo' da dope for sho'

Chorus 2x [Money Mark first]

Verse 2: [Money Mark]

I ain't never meet a hoe in my life as bad as you
I wanna stick dick all up in you, I wanna fuck wit you
(ohhhh!) You got a nigga ready ta' fuck
You gotta nigga ready to bust a nutt, say what?
Is you bout it hoe, (hell yeah)
Well you can tell me all about it, let me know
Cause I'm a rough nigga, Money Mark the tough nigga
Fuck butt naked no motherfuckin' bluff nigga
Fuck, got the urge to run away wit' ya boo
I won't play wit you boo,
I'll get head in the bed all day from ya boo
I don't need hoes like you
Bitch I got five like you,
Who'll fuck it, pull it out and then suck it
Let my dog touch it, get it wet, bust it
Money Mark, and yeah my last name Digaler
Stank couchie hoes I can't get wit cha no sir

Chorus 2x

If you really wanna fuck, and you wanna get a nutt
Tell that girl to give it up my nigga, my nigga
Now all the ladies in the place, puttin' pussy in my face
Come on and let me get a taste now baby, now baby

Now let me hear ya say, "I fuck" (I fuck)
And say I fuck (I fuck)
And say U fuck, and say we fuck, and say I fuck,
Now all my niggas say...

Chorus 4x [Money Mark first] to end

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