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Caught Up

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Interprete : USHER

Langue : Anglais
Année : 2004

Texte :

verse 1
i'm the kind of brother'
who been doin' it my way
getting my way for years, in my career
and every lover, y'all
in and out my life
i've hit, loved and left intears
whitout a care

until i mer this girl who turned the tables around
she caught me by surprise and i
i never thought i'd be the one
breakin' down i can't figure it out why i'm so

got me feelin' it
caught up
i don't know what it is but it seems
she got me twisted i'm so
caught up
got me feelin'it
caught up
i'm losing control, this girl's got
a hold on me

my mama told me
be careful who you do
'cause karma comes back around
same ol'song
but i was so sure
that it wouldn't happean to me
cause i know now to put it down
but i was so wrong

this girl was mean,she really turned*
me out
her body was so tight
i'm looking for her in the daytime
whith a flashlight
my homics say this girl is cramping my style
and i can't figure it out
and i'm so

hook (2fois)
hook (2fois)

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