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Cellular (Hello Moto Riddim)

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Interprete : VYBZ KARTEL

Langue : Anglais
Genre : Dancehall
Année : 2005

Texte :

Up to the time is modern
Technology from the southern to the northern
Run off:
Mi a use my cellular, Get gal regular
Nokia cellular get gal regular
Samsung cellular get gal regular
Hello Moto

How you fi have a gal if you nuh have a phone
She gi you di number yuh nuh have a phone
She woulda call fi di number, yuh nuh have a phone
Hurry up and go home to you comfort zone


Verse 1
Mi call Kim pon di T-Mobile pumpumpumnnnununununum
Fi get di pumpum-nu-num
Keisha call di Verizon 'Can you hear me now?'
Good bathe and come fi di hood
Hotta dan peppermint
Hyacinth hook up to Sprint
By she quint inna pussy cocky print
Liquid buy a pack a Durex
Kerry send a Digi Text
She coming fi di sex


Verse 2
'Please Call Me' one of the cellular trends
But mi pack Vodaphone fi British gems
Wendy tell you three friends
Call mi MiPhone fi di free fuck pon weekend
No care it Tracy man bringle or
Him divorce and single har
Call mi Cingular fi something tough like burglar bar
Mi Cable mek she Wireless star

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