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Hands Up

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Interprete : VYBZ KARTEL

Langue : Anglais
Année : 2006

Texte :

Verse 1

when me ah squeeze
mi nah ease
til it breeze
to yuh knees
beggin please
but me heart it a freeze
and yuh cease to exist
yuh deceased
me release 30 piece
fi di cheese where mi dream fi achieve
me no leave di machine
it remain up di sleeve
di cocaine to di keys
where ah leave from belize
to di west indies me invest in these
money more in coke but it less in trees
mi ah watch and ah plea these interesting thieves
where specialise in kidnap and takin trees
lenny matic gun sting like fuckin bees
when it bussin please
nuh try duckin these
chest me bruck in threes
head me hop in these
gimme di S-L-G-S
long like jet skis
corporate dem genes
a go tip inna dem brain alla tek dem dreams
disconnect dem feelings

(Thugs!) Put yuh guns up
(Girls!) Put yuh hands up
My spliff stink up
Bigger dan lil jon pimp cup
Everybody Hands Up! (Hands up!)
Everybody Hands Up! (Hands up! Hands up!)

(Thugs!) Put yuh guns up
(Girls!) Put yuh drinks up
My spliff stink up
Bigger dan lil jon pimp cup
Everybody Hands Up! (Hands up!)
Everybody Hands Up! (Coolface!)

Verse 2

When we ah war we nuh war like girls
coppershot stick curls
marrow fly with birds
a hollowtip hit nerves
so we quick with verbs
but yuh quick with words
yuh lip syncing nerds
were yuh deh when we ah war wid di blinkin serbs
pon yuh stinkin turf (yeh!) pimpin herbs
while yuh gal pussy my dick ah sink in hers
den me cum pon di mink skin furs
Badda dan di Jedi Returns
wid di gun wid di laser tell me if it burns
coppershot catch yuh hair tell me if it perms
my bullet is contagious tell me if is germs
so di V to di Y to di B to di Z
put cement on yuh feet and put yuh to di sea
so yuh see me nuh pree fi no war resucree
yuh play me yuh play three
nuh play three, cemetry

Repeat all above, goes to wicked acapella in the end... It new so yuh probably ain't hear it yet check the download links. Link me pon email if yuh need help.

Poster par : LNS

Erreurs, Ommission ou contenu illégal.

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